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Our MISSION is to help you create wealth through property in 10 years or less regardless of age, income or experience.  Property is a formula that when applied creates wealth which is so much more than money.  We help you, you help others.  


The Property Quadrants™ system is a simple, step-by-step formula that anyone can use to achieve financial success. By following this proven system, you'll be able to quit your day job, fire your boss, and live the life you've always wanted.

Using the principles taught in my No.1 International Best Selling book PROPERTY QUADRANTS, I will take you through the many ways you can achieve your financial freedom through Property.

An exclusive opportunity is now available to you to work One-On-One with a property mentor who has a 100% SUCCESS rate!

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Member Results

Josie Boord

Cambridge, UK

“I was financially struggling! My salary went in bills and savings lost to unexpected events.  I joined Property Lifestyle Live and the lights came on with no money deals!  I started there, now I have my own home and two rental properties.”

Jade Samuels

Taurange, NZ

“Within the last 12 months my entire financial position has turned around. I have purchased six  properties, sold some and help some making me an average of $12,579 per month.”

Bud Thorogood

Manhattan, NY

“Within 90 days I have been able to generating over $20,000 with no money deals.  I was blown away by the simple, results driven formula they teach.”

Jemma Mitts

Brisbane, AUS

“For the first time in my life I'm on  my way to wealth. My stress and anxiety has gone and I can see my financial freedom. Their IR calculator is revolutionary! ”


Results is what counts most!  Our clients are like family, who we are passionate about helping succeed.  Nichole personally coaches our Wealth Building Club members every week making success the only option.   Traditional property training is broken because a educators and “gurus” are not linked to the results of their clients.  We are transforming property success with our unique approach.  Join us in one of our  three areas designed to meet your needs right now.  Free training,  our step-by-step programme designed to help you make cash from property, and our elite wealth acceleration mastermind.


Our free training is based on the principles we use ourselves.  Get our free training and join our free group.

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Our step-by-step programme is based on the steps we took to get you making cash from property in 90 days or less.

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Generate passive income through the Property Partner Program. Get a property mentor who has a 100% success rate!

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“How To Be Financially Free In 10 Years Or Less Regardless Of Your Age, Income, Or Experience!”

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